Bryan Hanks

Registered Patent Attorney
Partner, Fisher Broyles

Bryan is a registered patent attorney focused on helping high-tech companies acquire and increase the value of intellectual assets through patent procurement. For over ten years, Bryan and his colleague Jonathan Lee have worked together to develop and lead a team of more than twenty attorneys, engineers, and paralegals in the preparation and prosecution of electrical and software patents. Together they manage a domestic and foreign patent docket of over 4500 cases.

Before joining FisherBroyles, Bryan worked at law firms in Utah, Texas, and Oregon. He has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of domestic and foreign patents, primarily in the electrical and computer engineering fields. Bryan also has experience in various other areas of patent law, including litigation, licensing, patentability searches, freedom-to-operate opinions, and IP due diligence. Bryan’s experience involves a wide range of technologies, including machine learning algorithms, virtual and augmented reality systems, semiconductor devices, digital signal processing devices, computer software applications, network devices, and audio systems. Bryan splits his time between the firm’s Palo Alto and Salt Lake City offices.

Prior to beginning his career in law, Bryan worked with several engineering companies. He spent time at Hewlett Packard’s VLSI lab in Fort Collins, CO where he developed regression testing processes for VLSI design tools. Bryan also worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center programming and maintaining databases for International Space Station payloads.