Michael Spector

Co-founder of Petition.ai

Michael Spector is the co-founder of Petition.ai, the first comprehensive searchable database of USPTO patent petition documents. By utilizing Petition.ai’s extensive searchable database, patent attorneys, patent agents, and their support teams can efficiently search through 500,000 petition documents to readily find ones with similar issues and/or fact patterns – the needles-in-a-haystack.  As a result, patent professionals will be able to more quickly and easily craft a petition with an increased likelihood of being granted on the first attempt, potentially avoiding the need to request reconsideration.

In addition to allowing patent practitioners to realize their unusual situation isn’t so unusual, Petition.ai’s database acts as a valuable resource by identifying the Deciding Official to ask questions, obtain status information, and notify them a petition was filed; providing realistic pendency data; and understanding the petition’s likely success rate.  Further, Petition.ai enhances law firms’ patent prosecution practices by revealing opportunities to advocate for additional client rights while offering insights into their current patent petition usage.

Michael is also the Chief Operating Officer at The LISA App, a provider of on-site beauty and wellness services to employees and tenants.  Previously, Michael worked as an Investment Analyst at Castle Creek Arbitrage in Chicago, Scoggin Capital in New York City, and Messner & Smith Investment Management in San Diego. Michael also worked at a start-up technology company and as an Investment Banking Analyst at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. Michael earned a BBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  Michael co-founded Year Up Chicago’s Leadership Council and currently serves as the Co-Chair.